TreeTable is padding it's children Nodes on left!

Hello my TreeTable (with version 6) was working OK for some years now and after my last compile, and without any change on the code it started to pad children items (of the tree) on the left side of the tree.
the Arrows are on the correct position, but the text starts from the left, overlaps with arrows and continues.
The Tree is functional, the arrows are working, but it is difficult to be used like this.

I am trying various changes, for some hours now… without success.
I am adding the items using
addItem() directly on the tree and then I call setParent()

I am using
addContainerProperty(TableCmsEntries.FIELD_subject, String.class, “”);

and latter
Property propSubject = item.getItemProperty (TableCmsEntries.FIELD_subject);

What could be the problem?

Does this also occur if you don’t use any custom theme (try adding “?theme=reindeer” to the URL)?
Is the TreeTable in edit mode or not?
Which Vaadin version are you using?

Thank you for your answer

I just tested using ?theme=reindeer on URL and I see no difference
The table is not in edit mode
I am using the last 6 version. (I am using eclipse and I compiled with the last update)

I updated my project to Vaadin7 and it is OK again