TreeTable icons disappear on expand/collapse


We are using Vaadin version and are having a problem with TreeTable icons that seem to disappear when you expand the last item (or one of the last items) in the TreeTable and then collapse it again.

We have been able to reproduce this in a standalone project using Vaadin version 7.3.3 (see zip file attached). Also attached some screenshots describing the flow and how to reproduce this.

Some of the items above the expanded/collapsed item disappear and you can no longer expand its children.

The filterTable in the ConsignmentMultiFilterComponent is set to immediate true on construction.

Is this a bug in Vaadin? Or am I missing something in the coding?
17122.png (124 KB)

Hey Manfred,

I just tried this in the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome, using Vaadin 7.3.2 checking both Valo and Reindeer, and I had no problems with the icons disappearing. Internet Explorer issue? If so, would you be so kind to report this bug at


This issue seems to occurs in all browsers that I tried:

  • Internet Explorer (9.0.8112.16421 64 bit)
  • Firefox (30.0)
  • Chrome (38.0.2125.111 m)
  • Safari (

Did you try this with the file that I attached?
The actual project where we use the TreeTable runs under Websphere 8.5, but I’m running the standalone test project attached under Tomcat 7.0 server where the same problem occurs.


Yes, I downloaded the zip and move all your Java classes to my test application. Also running Tomcat 7.0. Una momento and I’ll provide screenshots.

Oh, I forgot to collapse the item, d’oh. :slight_smile: This seems to be a Reindeer issue; as I don’t see any issues in Valo.

Please file a bug report av, it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll log the issue at
Would you happen to know any workaround for this?

No, not off the top of my head, as the entire span v-checkbox is missing. :confused: