TreeTable hierarchy column indent

Hey there,

i am currently trying to find out how to influence the row indent of the hierarchical column of a tree table. Each child level seems to add another 12 pixel on default, but i can not find an easy way to change this. I could change VTreeTable and the likes, but that seems like overkill.

Is there some easy way to go? Maybe some css variables the calculation is based on?


I do not see an easy way to go. The identation is done by an element-style controlling the left padding. This usually means that the computation is done inside the client widget. As the elements do not have a property/classname indicating the level of their nesting, I see no possibility to override this via CSS.

Thats what i was afraid of. Replacing parts of the client side implementation would be ok. I tried to extend VTreeTableScrollBody and VTreeTableRow, but all methods used for getting and calculating the indent are privat. And copying the whole VTreeTable does not seem like a good way to change some padding :slight_smile:

Yes, Vaadin-Client-Side is often far from extension-friendly. But I don’t see another solution if the padding is really important for you.

Somebody already filed a ticket for this (, but i guess it will rank very low on the priority list.

I guess i will live with the default indent until it is made changeable or the Grid supports hierarchical columns.

Thanks for your help!