treetable Help please

I want Help for Treetable. I am new to Vaadin . i want tutorial on Treetable . which tell me the exact methods and parameter used in to create Good TreeTable.
my task is to show Mysql database into Treetable format.
Can anybody guide me for that.

waiting for reply

thank you in advance…

Read up

Vaadin table

What have you tried ? :bashful:

I want Treetable
example like :- i want to Show Database of Parents and their Child …

  1. first it will show parent Name and under that parent children name .
  2. parent and children are two different database . how can i retrieve it from database and show in TreeTable.
    help me please
    thank you in advance

As Lawal said, read up on how to use Table.

The Table and TreeTable has exactly the same API, with the addition that TreeTable (and HierarchicalContainer) has the method setParent(Object itemId, Object newParentId). You set up the table and container in exactly the same way and then you call setParent to set which item should be under which.

as i said i am a student i am learning java and vaadin too at the same time.
so i dont know much about method overloading , interfacing , and other things.
so Can you please copy , paste one simple example of it here?
I will keep that sample as my guide …
waiting for reply
thank you

There is already a link there that leads to a lot of examples:
Vaadin table