Treetable context Menu - left click instead of right


Is there a way to customize the context menu of tree table to show up on a normal click (left click) instead of right click (The way it is by default).

sonartree.addActionHandler(new Action.Handler() {
	public void handleAction(Action action, Object sender, Object target) {
			//my custom code

    	public Action[] getActions(Object target, Object sender) {

The above code brings up the context menu by default on a mouse right click. We did have some usability discussion and users would like to have a direct click and still get the menu which they are used to. :slight_smile:

I understand that I might have to write my own custom component for this? I was wondering if there is something else which I am missing here.


Hi all

I am also facing the same problem.
I want Row Actions to be shown on item click action and not on mouse right click for Table.

Sanket More.