TreeTable and beans

I am adding elements to a TreeTable, but all I get are the rows without any text.
I’ll provide examples to clarify (simplified code):

First I add container properties, set the visible columns and the headers:

addContainerProperty("name", String.class, null); addContainerProperty("surname", String.class, null); setVisibleColumns("name", "surname"); setColumnHeaders("Name", "Surname"); The class Person:

private final class Person {
private final String name;
private final String surname;

// getters and setters
[/code]Then I add the elements in a loop like this:

Person elem = new Person("nameX", "surnameX"); addItem(elem); This gives me a TreeTable with as many rows as elements I add, but everything is blank.
If instead I add the items as Object, then it works:

addItem(new Object{"nameX", "surnameX"}, "itemid"); The question is: is it not possible to use beans as items in TreeTables? If it is, what am I doing wrong?

I assume the line about adding objects should read

addItem(new Object[]{"nameX", "surnameX"}, "itemid");

i.e., you’re adding the cells for a row as Array of Objects.
If you want to use beans, you need to use a container that supports them (BeanItemContainer for example).
Unfortunately BeanItemContainer doesn’t support hierarchical components.
See this thread for some suggestions:!/thread/1928897