treegrid refresh item issue

I’m not sure if I did something wrong but I’m not able to refresh the item in tree-grid “every time”.
I created a simple project to simulate the issue:

Steps to simulate:

  1. expand the first item in grid and right-click on the item - the context menu should be visible. Click on a filter.
  2. Put some value which is in the subitems e.g. “a” - subitems are properly filtered out. (only A items is kept)
  3. right-click again on the first element - put back empty value. All subitems are visible
  4. right-click again on the first element - put some value which is not present e.g. “1” - subitems are not refreshed. Still, all are visible (should be none) and the “collapsing arrow” is missing too.

Could you please take a look if I’m doing something wrong or is there is bug in component?
I tied it with vaadin 23.2.8 and also 24.0.0.alpha2

Thank you