TreeGrid | lazy load - wrong data when height/resolution is bigger

when tree grid is shown in browser window with biggher height (resolution) and data are fetched lazily, the tree grid shows wrong data (pages).
When I resize browser window to smaller one, then it works as expected. I created small demo with h2 database to check issue: Do you please have any idea how to fix it please?

when I resize browser to smaller window, it works as expected:

One thing I noticed in the code is the generated UUID:

Every time you are fetching the data from the database it will generate a new UUID even if it’s the same data.
I would probably create the equals based on the ID and the nodeType instead (a unique ID created from the data of the database)

I’m not sure if it’s the source of your error but that will create unexpected behavior

thank you for quick response. I removed UUID and also pushed. It behaves differently now. The issue with data teacher 50 and teacher 1 is still present. Issue with teacher 100 and teacher 1 seems to be solved. But what is new it that some nodes (teacher 1) don’t provide childreen - after click seems like never ending loop - fetch data from database in console.