TreeGrid - join header row columns


I would like to build a treegrid with multiple header rows, and I need to join columns dynamically. If I use static cell propertyIds, it works well:

headerRow.join(“cell_id1”, “cell_id2”);

but if I use a dynamically created array of HeaderCells or String,

headerRow.join(cellsToBind.toArray(new HeaderCell[cellsToBind.size()]
headerRow.join(cellIdsToBind.toArray(new String[cellIdsToBind.size()]

it goes crazy…

Can anyone say me, what’s wrong or is it maybe a bug? Is there anywhere a sample code?



It works for me. I have a project where I join quite a few columns dynamically. I’m using property ids, but joining with HeaderCells should work equally well. Check if your array is OK?



thanks for your reply. Yes, I checked my arrays, but everything looks good. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong :frowning:
Can u post a small sample code?