[TreeGrid] Dragging a row to a new parent leaves behind dummy row

Hi, we’re having some issues with the TreeGrid when trying to use the drag and drop functionality.
The use case is quite simple: drag a children from an existing parent to a new parent.
However sometimes after dragging the row still shows up in a “dummy/empty” state within the old parent.

dataProvider.refreshItem(row, true);
dataProvider.refreshItem(newParent, true);
dataProvider.refreshItem(oldParent, true);

We’re refreshing the dragged row, old and new parents after dropping is complete.
The “clearCache” call is a workaround that i found in an old forum post but doesn’t seem to work all the time.

What if you just call dataProvider.refreshAll()

refreshAll works but we want to avoid rerendering the entire TreeGrid when a user drags a single row

This could be the issue: Recursive refreshItem in TreeGrid not working, when refreshing after deleting "last" child · Issue #11850 · vaadin/flow · GitHub

Yeah it could be, although i can also sometimes reproduce the issue within the new parent after dragging.

Thank you for sharing the issue