TreeGrid component column focus issue

I have a problem concerning the Vaadin 8.7.2 TreeGrid and its component column. I have a TreeGrid with selection mode set to none and a component column which has a HorizontalLayout in it with a TextField and some buttons. When I click in the TextField to type something it is focused for a brief second before the focus automatically shifts to the TreeGrid row the component cell is in. When I then click in the TextField a second time it is focused correctly but when I click a third time the row is focused again, so now I have to always click twice in the TextField before I can type anything in it. This is also the case for any other component I place in the component column, a button for example will still function but immediately afterwards the row is focused. This confuses me since I also have a Grid which has the same component column and there I can select the TextField or any other component without any problems. Am I perhaps missing some difference between the Grid and TreeGrid in how they handle the focus selection?

This is a basic example of how I currently implemented said TreeGrid:

private TreeGrid<Ticket> createTreeGrid(Collection<Ticket> tickets) {
	TreeGrid<Ticket> ticketSelectionGrid = new TreeGrid<>();
	ticketSelectionGrid.setItems(tickets, Ticket::getChildTickets);


private Component ticketSelectionColumnGenerator(Ticket ticket) {
	HorizontalLayout spinnerLayout = new HorizontalLayout();
	TextField amountField = new TextField();
	Button increaseButton = new Button(CAPTION_INCREASE_BUTTON);
	Button decreaseButton = new Button(CAPTION_DECREASE_BUTTON);
	spinnerLayout.addComponents(amountField, increaseButton, decreaseButton);
	return spinnerLayout;

I think you should try different setting with this method: