Tree with checkbox?

Is there any way or addon to create a tree with checkbox?

Here there is an example:

If you don’t need lazy loading, the
ComponentTree aadd-on
might do what you want.

I see some comments there that IE is not supported by that component… That’s sad.
a checkbox-tree is a very useful component indeed.

Antonio, do you have a simple example how to integrate that tree component into a Vaadin application? I’m a Vaadin / GWT newbie.

While there is no such thing is Vaadin, if you really want it, you can do it with some CSS trickery, as is done in
this example
. …perhaps with some better-looking checkbox icons…

nah, I found TreeTable add-on, which can have checkboxes in it. I’ll try to use that one for now.

How to do this with vaadin ?
Any samples?