Tree Table

I have a requirement where i need some hierarchical display. I thought of using the tree table but the properties are different at each level.

For example, I need to display

Parent 1
Parent 2
Parent 3

On clicking at the Parent level, I should display child 1, Child 2, Child 3…
On clicking at the Child level, I should display sub-child 1, 2, 3…

Parent, Child and Sub-child1 all have different data to display.

What is the best component to use to get this kinds of display ?


I’ve not tried it with TreeTable, but can you make the “child” be a more generic Panel in the next column that can then populate as needed by type?

You could also consider putting a Tree in the left side of a VerticalSplitPanel and then your object-specific panel in the right side and change it’s contents based on which of the items is selected in the Tree. We sort of do this in Open eSignForms as we use a Tree for our left-side navigation so that when any item is clicked, the right side shows the corresponding view/panel.