Tree scrolls on click (IE only)

I attached an example program, that shows some odd behaviour on IE 8 (with vaadin 6.5.2).
Once you start it, please scroll down the tree and click once on the Omega (being the last entry).
On Firefox, this works without a problem, but on IE8, the tree starts to scroll so that the beginning of the tree
is again visible and the selected entry is no longer visible.

If the ItemClickListener is not used, the tree does not scroll. If an older vaadin version, eg. 6.4.0, is used, the
tree also does not scroll.

So the bug seems to be related to post 6.4.0 changes and the ItemClickListener.

Can anyone give me a hint on how to stop the tree from scrolling, please?

BTW, I haven’t started talking about double-clicks and IE (which starts selecting the whole tree), but double-click handling is not supported from vaadin (for trees), as I understand.n (1.97 KB)