Tree Grid Pro

I’m wondering why there isn’t a TreeGrid component based on GridPro especially with those direct edit possibilities. Is there any plan to introduce such a TreeGridPro<T> ?

I think this is the first time I have heard anyone suggesting such a thing.

Oh, I love the GridPro for those direct cell editing and wants to have such things for hierarchical data too.

I had a similar requirement in the past. I’ve created my own data structure which could hold multiple level of data and created a simple open/close mechanism on the first column to show/hide the children of the structure. It’s pretty simple with the data provider API

There’s been a (perhaps surprising) lack of requests for it. Probably not entirely trivial to combine hierarchical data with the inline editing in GridPro, but certainly not impossible either. I couldn’t find a feature request ticket about it, so someone interested could create one: