Tree ContextMenu does not work right in Win7


The problem is that my tree context-menu does not work fine in some situation. Below is a picture of working fine (sorry for a Japanese sample…).

Bad #1: Win 7 / Firefox 10.0.1
The context-menu shows, but it hides so soon that you can’t select any menu.

Bad #2: Win 7 / Chrome 17.0
The context-menu shows, but it’s difficult to show the menu. Because you must right-mouse-click over a tiny pixel of a selected area.

Good #1: Win 7 / Safari 5.1.2
Good #2: Mac 10.6.8 / Chrome 17.0
Good #3: Mac 10.6.8 / Firefox 10.0.1
Good #4: Mac 10.6.8 / Safari 5.1.2

I checked the bad cases by your demo site ( , they work fine!!
I compared the source with mine, but I did not find any for this problem.



This problem happens in WindowsXP Pro SP2.
I’ve been looking for the reason why it happens, but not found it.
I believe I have a way to solve it.



I’ve found the reason why this problem happens.

When a node of my tree is clicked, myAction do like below.

tree.addListener(new ItemClickListener() {
public void itemClick(ItemClickEvent event) {
// do myAction

MyAction shows the detail information of the node you select.
The problem happens when the property value of the tree node (item) is changed.
If you skip the changing, the context-menu shows fine.
That’s the reason of this problem.

I might change the logic or service spec.
Or Safari is to be only browser in which my system works.

Anyway, I’m happy to find the reason by now.