Tree component depth level

In Tree component, is depth level unlimited or limited with 2 levels?
I mean, i want to make a tree like this:

Root Item
    Sub Item
        Sub Sub Item
            Sub Sub Sub Item

is that possible with Tree component? or must i use TreeTable component for that?

i am asking this question, because i can not make a tree like my above example with Tree component, but i saw that in vaadin sampler on the left side the menu seems implemented with Tree component and it has 3 depth levels.

Any ideas?

thx in advance.


There is no restriction on depth. Why did you decide that depth can be only two levels? You can see
tree sample code
as an example.

Good luck!

Thx Anatoly, i missed the point.
I always looked for a method like addSubItem(), etc… :frowning:
Anyway now it’s clear, thx again…