Tracking horizontal split panel position change

I am looking for some way to trackle HorizontalSplitPanel position change there is no listener
or even method changeValues like in VerticalSplitPanel. Is there any trick/hack to do that?
Thanks in advance for answers.

You should be able to register your own RPC handler to listen for the splitpanel events. e.g.

VerticalSplitPanel split = new VerticalSplitPanel() {{
    registerRpc(new AbstractSplitPanelRpc() {

        public void setSplitterPosition(float position) {
               // Do your magic here
               System.out.println("Splitters new position is " + position);

        public void splitterClick(MouseEventDetails mouseDetails) {
              // TODO Auto-generated method stub

Just swap the VerticalSplitPanel with a HorizontalSplitPanel and it should work too.