Touchkit Offline Mode Clarification

Hi All,
I have started using touch kit and developed a sample app with the help of vornitologist tutorial.
Next i started to integrate offline mode to the same sample app. While developing the offline mode app i got to know that we can only use client side packages of gwt or vaadin.terminal.gwt or touchkit.gwt.client, but the other side of the app(online mode) is developed using the normal server side packages.

I just need a clarification regarding the below point.

Is there any disadvantage if the whole application (offline and online) is developed using only client side package classes ?
Main idea is that :

  1. The whole application works offline without 2 different ui code bases for offline and online mode.
  2. If the there is network connection the updates are sent to the server on the fly.
  3. If the there is no network connection the data is stored in the local storage and synced to the server when there is a network connection.

Thanks in Advance,


Sure one can do that. But in that case you are practically doing normal client side GWT development. Traditional server side Vaadin development is generally simpler, faster and cheaper, but in some cases client side GWT app might be a good option. And in most non-trivial cases it easily wins JS hacking.


The only disadvantage I think is that you can’t use most of the Vaadin components, since they don’t work without the server part, and you probably end up writing a lot of communication logic to sync the data back to the server.