Touchkit: Help with deleting Assistive Devices "tooltip"/text


We are trying out the touchkit add-on. It is awesome so far!

Though, we have come across a problem. On our mobile devices a div, text-field or something is showing in the bottom of some sort with the text “Arrow down key opens calendar element for choosing the date”.

I have tried to Google a solution to not showing it, but come across no solution.

My guess is that this is some text that should be read out with text-to-speech for people with disabilities. I have this guess because of the Vaadin blog post about
Accessability with WAI-ARIA


  1. My main question
    How do I prevent the message from showing at all? I cannot get this error on my computer, but it is showing on iPad, iPhone and Android (we cannot “inspect element” on our iOS/Android devices for reasons) Picture below for reference:

2. For science/knowledge-question

Where is the logic in code that tells the app to show it? I haven’t told the app to show it. at all. I guess there some thought behind this. Can I use it to my advantage in some way?

3. Bonus question(s)

Why is it showing at all? If it is for text-to-speech only (my guess only) should it really be shown?
Why is it shown at least twice? Sometimes four times…

Where is the documentation on this matter?
I haven’t found any at all. The only thing I found was a small notice in
Vaadin trac
where I can find out that it probably is coming from a DateFieldState-java Class that I have no idea what it is doing.


Thanks for reporting this problem.

Yes, this text is added to inform users of assistive devices that they can access a calendar with the arrow down key when the date field has focus.

  1. Adding an .v-assistive-device-only selector to your stylesheet with display:none; should get rid of the text completely
  2. It is in VPopupCalendar, from line 102
  3. The main purpose to add this was for screen reader users. It was suggested to us to do so during testing with a blind user. No this should never be visible (as long as css is available). It is added for every date field.

ticket 12184

Thank you for your prompt and comprehensive reply. Glad I could help out some. Vaadin is great and the documentation is awesome!

We got it hidden with your suggestion.