touchkit: change display of combobox items on iphone

I have a combobox implemented that is used as an autocompleter: a user can type in first letters, and suitable items will appear. The user can still enter further letters and the items will change appropriatly.
On an iphone the display of suitable items starts at the top of the screen and hides the input field, so the user can no longer enter further letters. On chrome the items appear below the input field. I need the same behaviour on IPhone.
Any idea, how I can do this?



This is a known issue (, but not the only usability issue with combobox on small screen device. There was already a replacement in works, but it was dropped as the core is about to get new combobox “any day now” (read: no real plans to start working on it).

In the mean time I’d suggest to create a custom select component with button, Popover, Table and a TextField. This way you can better use the whole screen estate. Also you can have n+1 columns in your list. An example is available here: