TouchKit and browser back button.


in my app (Vaadin 7.1.9 + TouchKit 4.0.0.alpha2) I display a generated PDF using a com.vaadin.ui.Link (as Button + FileDownloader does not work).
The PDF is displayed nicely, but I can not return to the app with the browser back button (in this case: Safari/iOS7). I only get a blank screen. Even refresh does not bringt the app back.

Any idea?



I made a quick test with Safari/iOS7 and TouchKit 4.0.0.alpha2 (a bit different Vaadin version though). Downloading a PDF from a Link components seems to work OK. It’s in the demo application at

The code is simply:

VerticalComponentGroup vertical =
        new VerticalComponentGroup();
Link link = new Link("Click here to download PDF",
    new ThemeResource("../book-examples/pdfexample.pdf"));

The problem is not downloading/displaying the PDF, but navigating back to the application.

Your example works for me, too, so I’ll try to compare if I do anything different.

It turned out that I forgot to set @PreserveOnRefresh on my UI which messed up my navigation. So problem solved! :slight_smile: