TouchKit and authentication

For couple of days I’ve started to prototype with TochKit 4 to figure out, if we can use it in our upcoming projects. The prototyping result was very promising, but I faced one conceptual issue:

In the prototype the mobile application is hosted behind a corporate authentication service. While the authentication cookie or HTTP header field becomes invalid after e.g. 2 hours of inactivity, the mobile browser is still capable to use the cached application. The AJAX requests however seem to return the login page which is useless for the cached application. The offline page of the application appears, but the refresh button brings again and again the same offline page. I would expect the application to redirect to the returned URL instead using OfflineMode.ActivationReason.BAD_RESPONSE…

This behavior can be changed by deactivating the caching of the application, which seem to cause the reaload of the hosting page. That is however a fragile approach. Are there any other workaround available? Is there any way to reduce the session lifetime so the hosting page gets reloaded just after? That might cause the authentication screen to appear again to force the re-authentication?