Touch device oddities

I noticed the following behavior when using a touch device (iPad) to browse [url=]

[/url] The behavior seems wrong to me. Can someone in Vaadin try them out and let me know if that is the intended behavior? Thanks

Value Input Components->Text inputs → Text area

On a mouse-based browser, if you type enough text in the text area to fill it up, it automatically adds a scrollbar. That’s good. On a touch device, the same test case leaves us with no way to scroll.

Grids and Trees → Drag and Drop → Drag components

Drag the “Button” component from one place to another. When you drop the component the button sometimes thinks it has been clicked. That’s wrong. I am noticing that if I just drag the component, the button click event is not generated. However, if I touch the Button and hold for just a fraction of a second and then do the drag and drop, the Button thinks it got a click event.



Sounds like these could be improved - feel free to make tickets (oh, and please check for duplicates whenever making tickets).

Thank You!

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Text Area Ticket

Drag and Drop Ticket

Thanks for your help.