Tooltips don't go away sometimes on mobile devices

In my post
, I talk about tooltips on mobile devices, and some of the problems I am having. This is loosely related to that post. What would cause tooltips to go away on mobile devices rather reliably in the dashboard demo app (
, specifically the edit profile screen ) and the sampler (
, especially testing the
text box
by filling in the description ), but not in my application ( which is based loosely on the dashboard app, btw )? In the sampler and dashboard, on my iPhone, the caption is places in such a way that I can still edit the data, and simply clicking somewhere on the screen will get rid of it. But in my application, the caption does not go away. If may change when you click on another edit field, to that edit fields ( or that buttons ) tooltip, but the tooltip never goes away, even when you change to an entirely different View. I just need some ideas on where to look for problems:

  1. Is it buried someplace in my slightly modified Valo theme ( once again, started with dashboard, which slightly changes the Valo theme - I did not add many changes on top of that, but I did add some )
  2. Could it be something in the way my components are layed out? They can be complex screens, with a few text entry fields, a table, etc.

Any pointers or better questions I could ask would be much appreciated.

Right now, as per the above referenced thread, I have tooltips ( all of them ) turned off for iPhone and Android, just so my users can get their work done.