Tomcat performance


I have a question concerning Tomcat configuration. I use Tomcat 6.0. When I run my Vaadin application in Eclipse, it is really smooth (time lapse < 1s) . But when I deploy a *.WAR in an independent Tomcat server, it becomes slow (time lapse > 8s).

Is it a problem of configuration of Tomcat ? Does anyone know how to configure it ?

Thanks in advance,

Just a wild guess, based on a really slim hunch: could the Tomcat have session serialization turned on?

One factor is probably that when you run the application in Eclipse, your Tomcat is configured to use your build output tree directly instead of building and deploying and expanding a WAR.

However, 8s deployment time is still quite a lot, at least for a small application - you could check for other reasons as well.

I turned the session serialization off but it doesn’t change anything.
Actually, I deploy a .war in a Tomcat independent server on my computer. Then, when I access the application from another computer of my network (in order to test it), it becomes really slow.
So I don’t understand why it is quick on my computer and so slow on each other computer.

Is your application always slow (every request is slow) or it takes a long time only for the furst invocation ?

On my computer, it normal. On another computer, it is always really slow yes.

Could it be the network latency ? is it slow even when you’re accessing it locally on that computer ?

Yes, it must be. I don’t think now it is a configuration issue.
Thanks for your time.