toggle switch in vaadin7

Hi ,
1)I am using vaadin 7.0.0. i want to create an On/Off switch. Is it possible to do that. If so please suggest me.
2) How can I jquery mobile UI in vaadin application

Start by upgrading your Vaadin version to a more recent version. The one you are using is full of bugs that has long ago been fixed.

Next, take a look at which should solve your problem.

But that addon is not supported in vaadin7. It is given like that. John I also want to know is there any possibility of using jquery mobile in vaadin7 project

There are several way to do it if you want to make a switch component yourself:

  1. Extend a Standard Vaadin Component like a Button with a boolean which is switched when the button is clicked and coding to change the button’s style accordingly…maybe you could even change CheckBox to a Switch-like component

  2. Integrate an existing GWT Switch component into Vaadin.

  3. Integrate an existing JavaScript Switch component into Vaadin.

More information on GWT and JavaScript integration and also just general Vaadin 7: