to CustomLayout or not to CustomLayout


is there any specific dis-advantage of using a CustomLayout? It seems like much easier to create somewhat more complex layout with the CustomLayout rather then doing everything in JavaCode.

My current java code consists of lots of HorizontalLayout hLayout = new HorizontalLayout(); verticals, alignments etc… Having lot’s of small labels above/under components etc…
if I create a table based layout I have quick access to my layout’s and I only need to bind the components I really need during my actions/updating.

However, I can imagine that if Vaadin decides to generate a runtime version of a applications do it can by run on desktops/mobiles the custom layout might not work?

Just use it if you are more comfortable defining your layouts in HTML and themeing them to match the rest of the application.

Vaadin will not remove support for it anytime soon and is deeply based on web technologies. Vaadin 7 even removed an abstraction layer originally intended to support different non-web “terminals” so if a desktop version would come at some point, it would be based on an embedded WebKit or other browser.


thanks for you answer. I was more worried about Vaadin supporting more outputs (not web based) but that doesn’t seem to be the case.