TinyMce Html Editor don't refresh the content

I am using the latest version(1.4) of Vaadin wrapper for tinyMce.
when I use only the html editor to set the content of the text editor and hit the content to the server, I notice that there is no content in the server.
when I change the html editor content again and press the update button of the html editor to set the content, the first changes are ok but the lastest changes can not be sent to server. After that I tried the live demo of the vaadin warpper for tinymce, ı am gettiing the same result.

Thanks for your helps.

I experienced the same problem.

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Me too, yesterday when for the first time using the add-on for something real :slight_smile: I update a new version to Directory that resolves the issue. The embedded tinymce was also updated to 3.4.9


cool! thnx!

Thank a lot for your work.

Hi Matti,
I change my code to the lastest version but I am getting same result.
Maybe there is a mistake on my code. Widgetset uses vaadin 6.7.3.

Can you update online demo of tinymce wrapper to the last version?

Thank a lot for this add-on.