Timline, TimeZone and Display Issues

I have the timeline displaying data on wrong days and the first day not drawing at all.

My goal is to display this on the users local time. I have also tried to format and parse with timezone applied and it makes no different.

As I type this, it seems to me that the timline is generating the days (Nov 6 is hidden behind the containing div) , but the bars are displaying one day off (maybe by css). - how can I confirm the html/css output of day/values?

I have the following Data:
Interval: Thu Oct 31 09:00:00 GMT 2013, Value: 1
Interval: Tue Nov 05 09:00:00 GMT 2013, Value: 13
Interval: Wed Nov 06 09:00:00 GMT 2013, Value: 12

Code for container:

IndexedContainer timelineContainer = new IndexedContainer();
                Date.class, null);
                Integer.class, 0);
for(Row<?, ?> row : summary.getRows()){
            logger.info("Interval: " + row.getInterval() + ", Value: " + row.getValue());
            Date d = (Date)row.getInterval();

            Item item = timelineContainer.addItem(d);
            // Set the timestamp property
            // Set the value property

Nevermind. Switching to the Column chart. Timeline is a mess.