timeline chart css style cannot overwrite


I use vaadin7 and the “dashboard.scss” style and I would like to change the color of the timeline chart in the “.v-timeline-widget-datefield” css container . So I implemented in the container “color: black !important;”
But the color will not be overtaken in the chart because the color style has been already “color: white !important” in the style.css in the timeline widgetset.

Has anyone a solution to solve the issue with the timeline chart or is it a bug that you cannot change the color and I have to send the issue to the vaadin support?

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Could everyone plese help me with my question?
It is very urgent.

Thanks in advance!


you can just use a more specific css selector and it will override the less specific one. For example:

.v-timeline-widget-daterange .v-timeline-widget-datefield {
color: black !important;

Hello Teppo,

Thank you very much for your fast help.
It is working fine now with your approach.