timeline addon weird coding

In Timeline.setGraphValuePropertyId there’s:

if (clazz == Integer.class || clazz == Double.class
                    || clazz == Float.class) {
            } else {
                throw new IllegalArgumentException(
                        "The value property must be numeric.");

Any reason why is not:
if (Number.class.isAssignableFrom(clazz)), or something similar, with emphasys on Number, because I wanted to use a Short directly, but it may be a Byte sometimes as well

I don’t see any reason why it could not be

Please create a
for it so fixing this is not forgotten.

This has now been fixed and the fix is now available as a
Timeline Custom Build
for Pro users. The fix will be included in the next maintenance release.

And the moral is…it’s bad practice to not pay devs, bad programming practice in return that is :stuck_out_tongue: