Timeline Add-on: How to catch click events on certain bars in a graph?

Heyho community,

I have a timeline graph in bar chart mode in my application and want to get notifications if the user clicks on a or hovers over a certain bar in the graph.
Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks in advance,


I’m afraid adding click listeners to the graphs are currently not supported by Vaadin Timeline.

It would make a nice feature though, so please feel free to make a enhancement ticket about it in the vaadin trac.
(And if you are a
member you can always
for the feature :wink: )

Heyho John,

thanks for your answer. I’ll check out the vaadin trac to open an enhancement ticket.



Hello Everyone,

Is the ticket raised for the events handling in timeline as i can see addListener method in timeline class but it seems its not working when i used below code?

Code snippet :
timeline.addListener(new Timeline.EventClickListener()
public void eventClick(EventButtonClickEvent event)

I am currently using scatter for showing some data and planning to move timeline but i would need somethng like an click event as on click of each plot i need to process that event and do something …

any suggest on this…