there is a way to publish dinamic forms???

Hi!, everyone, We hope you are alright, and can help us with some suggestions or guidence for this project. This is the deal, some very long time ago We develop an application for openlaszlo 3.4, and our clients are now are asking us to update it, since lately We have been using Vaadin for our projects on web, We belive is the best option since the application is not that complicated to redo on vaadin, except for one part.

If you know openlaszlo 3.4, then you know that the openlaszlo runtime translate a lzx file (basically a xml file) to the UI you want to show (forms, buttons, windows, etc), so We develop another app on Qt where you can design simple forms and then publish that forms on the app site, well, We havent find how to do that on Vaadin, since all the UI must be coded on Java, on Openlaszlo that was easy like I said, We just created this lzx file and publish it, and that was all.

I have read some others