Theming NativeButtons & NativeSelect in Reindeer

Hello there, I’m having some problems theming NativeButtons/Buttons and ComboBoxes/NativeSelects, so I would really appreciate if you could give me a hand with this. I’m using Reindeer and Vaadin 6 and I want to re-create the “first”, “last” and “down” styles from Chameleon Theme. I guess that in the first two style I only have to remove some borders from the NativeButton and for the “down” style I have to change the background color to another one, but I really don’t know how (I’ve tried a lot of codes). For the NativeSelect I would like to change the background color of the item when the mouse hovers it (default color is a light blue in Reindeer).

I hope you could give me some help guys, thank you in advance.