Theme not displayed when build with maven reactor

Hi guys,

We are developing a quite large maven multi module project that includes a few vaadin web apps.
Among the modules, we have a dependency framework-ui that holds our custom components and vaadin-related stuff, including a theme.

Apps are quarkus apps and have a dependency to framework-ui.
When built one at a time, we don’t have any problem, everything works as intended.
When using a reactor build, the build itself goes well but the theme is not active when running the produced application jar (fatjar).

Example build command:
mvn package --also-make --projects apps/forms -U -Pproduction

We currently use java 17, quarkus 2.12.1.Final, Vaadin 23.2.0 and maven 3.8.6.

Would you have any idea of things to look out for ?

Do you have frontend/generated/theme-[theme-name].generated.js in your Vaadin maven module?

Does the issue reproduce in dev mode?