theme disappear


Suddenly the style for my pages are gone and the debug mode says:

Vaadin application servlet version: 6.4.4
Widget set is built on version: 6.4.4
Application version: NONVERSIONED
Warning: widgetset version 6.4.4 does not seem to match theme version

I cant see any change in code, maybe the cache of firefox tricked me. Does anybody knows about this error messages?



If your theme has gone missing, it will obviously not match the widgetset version, hence the warning…

Where your theme has gone is of course still open for debate, though, but there is very little information in your post that could be used to debug this. Try opening Firebug, the Net->CSS part; if your theme is missing, you should get red rows, which should tell you from where it’s trying to load the theme.
Then we’ll have to figure out why the theme is not actually in that location.

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