The general understanding of the MVP-pattern

Hi there.

Me and two collegues have just started with getting into the vaadin framework.
However, especially I do have some question about the MVP-pattern.
I read the 11.10.1 chapter of the book of vaadin and checked the ‘Vaadin MVP lite example’ at

Is it correct that the MVP consists of a
View Interface
, a
View Implementation
and a

Which method do you generally put into the Interface?
If you have a look at the LoginView and the LoginViewImpl of the Mail example, you’ll see that there ist just a pair of methods
in the Interface file, whereas in the implementation are a way more of them.

Is my understanding of the framework right, that the methods in the implementation file only manage the UI, whereas the methods in the presenter file are more data relevant (such as SQL queries, …)?

I’ve also seen that the Vaadin foundation offers a bunch of courses (fundamentals and advanced) for about 1’700$ / 2days.
Since we are all full-time students and this is a free-time project, the fee is way to expensive for us.
Is there any chance to get a student discount or something similiar?

Thank you in advance for your replies,