The Embedded with pdf hides other windows

I can use Embedded to show pdf files nicely in my web application. But when I open another window while previewing the pdf file, the embedded component hides my window.

Any help would be appreciated!

My screen shot is as an attachment.

My code is as following:

Embedded embedded = new Embedded();

    private Resource getEmbeddedResource()
        StreamResource sr = new StreamResource(new StreamSource()
            public InputStream getStream()
                return pdfFile.getContent();
        }, pdfFile.getName(), getApplication());

        return sr;


I tested it in Internet Explorer 7 and it worked well.:blink:
But the problem existed in IE 8, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 6.

Hi guys,

I’m planning to use a seperate modal Window to embrace the Embedded component to preview the pdf file.
I think that’s an alternative solution to my problem.

bye for this problem:grin:

This issue might be related to
#5879: Flash is drawn on top of window title

Thanks for you reply.
Yes, there’s the same problem when using Embedded to preview a flash file.