The best way to add ComboBox items from Database (Springboot)

i’ve started to learn Hilla yesterday, and im not so familliar with TypeScript or JavaScript,

so, i have entity called ‘position’, it contains only id, code, and name,
i want to display all the ‘name’ to combobox, and return id as the value of the combobox, can someone explain me how to do it? thanks

Assuming you have a Spring endpoint called PositionEndpoint with a method loadAll for loading the positions, then the component should look something like this:

positions: Position[] = [];

async firstUpdated() {
  this.positions = await PositionEndpoint.loadAll();

render() {
  return html`

ahh, so you need to load to the array first then you can add combobox item through it, i see

Thank you for your answer!