TextFiled is setted as readonly in bean Form

Why I get my TextFields as readonly for the following code ?, Vaadin 6.8.14:

setItemDataSource(new BeanItem(dataModel));
setVisibleItemProperties(new String { “regionId”,“countryId”,“ingredName”, “ingredStatus”,“ingredFunction”,“ingredRestriction”,“ingredWarning”,“ingredOther”,“refNumString”,“ingredSortStr” });

com.vaadin.ui.Field aField;
aField = getField(“ingredName”);
if (aField != null) {
aField.setDescription(null);//“Ingredient Name:”);
aField.setCaption(“Ingredient Name:”);
aField.setRequiredError(“Name is missing”);

public class IngredItem implements Serializable {

private Label	ingredOther;
private Label	ingredWarning;
private Label	ingredRestriction;
private Label	ingredFunction;
private Label	ingredStatus;
private String	ingredRegion;
private String	ingredCountry;
private Label ingredName;
private Label	refNumString;
private String  ingredSortStr;

screen with css styles

what i found if I change

private Label ingredName;


private String ingredName; to string datatype, eveything is fine the textfield in form layout is enabled and editable.

So how can be fixed, I need to have Label - as this value should be displayed in Table as Label, XHTML

any sugestion will be helpfull

Guys do you know something on that?