Textfield - textarea - input type text

From what I can see a Textfield can be rendered as either a textarea or an input type text (one row). If I make a Textfield and want to make sure it’s made as an input type text, what do I need to do? setRow(1) does not seem to work.



Anyone? :slight_smile:

I guess you just create a new TextField and don’t touch setRows, setHeight and setMultiLine methods at all, and you should be fine.

Hi Lars,

can you post a self-contained example which shows the problem? If you just use a TextField (with no setRows() or setSizeFull()) it should be a single-line textfield.

I’ve just tested that calling setSizeFull() on a TextField (with no rows set) might give you a single-line html-“textarea” (which is obviously not want you want). Not sure if this is by design or a bug.

Cheers, Maik

Thanks, it seems that if I set height on the field it automatically renders as a textarea.


Seems like is sufficient to you set the height from css for the TextField to be rendered as a TextArea.

Worked for me :slight_smile:

I want the TextField to fill the cell of its parent grid layout, without it being a multi-line TextArea. I tried to use setSizeFull to make it fill the cell, and it turned into a multi-line TextArea. How can I tell it to expand its width and not its height?


setWidth(“100%”) should work. Making the height flexible without making it a multiline field you need to use pure CSS.