Textfield + PropertyFormatter did not repaint


i have an CalculatingBigDecimalPropertyFormatter set as datasource of a textfield. It enables the user to input something like “20+5” and the propertyformatter sets “25” to the underlying property.

The problem is, that the new value gets not painted in the textfield. it still shows the “20+5”.
I read through setValue() and variableChange() of AbstractTextField and nobody wants to call a requestRepaint().

can anyone give me a hint where to look to solve this problem?

seems like PropertyFormatter + Textfield is broken in this way since 6.7.0 :frowning:

Hi Jan,

This ought to have been fixed in the 6.7.1 nightlies, could you please try to update to the latest nightly and if it doesn’t work report back in


yes this has been resolved in nightly build