TextField in IE8

I have a problem.
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE9 textField.getValue () or TextChangeEvent getText() the character “enter” return the one simbol \n,
but IE8 the character “enter” returns the two \r \n

Seems like a browser issue, for some reason IE9 (or a different WIndows version) has started using the more common newline character without the carriage return character.

I guess you just need to filter out the \r characters.

For this problem i can not be used textField.setMaxLength(100);

In IE8 i can write 80 characters and 10 enter characters.
In other browsers i can write 90 and 10 enter characters.

Oh, I see. Could you then bump up the character limit just for IE8 (sounds hackish, I know)? You can use
to access the client browser information.