Textfield does not show Chinese characters

I have a web application that uses Vaadin 7.0.5 and I have forms with Vaadin TextField’s. If you enter Chinese characters into the textfield they appear not to be handled properly by Vaadin. In the debugger when storing “(String)usernameField.getValue()” I see the Chinese characters are not understood. This happens in an English Windows and in a Simplified Chinese Windows 7 VM (for the web client, the server is in an English Windows PC). Is this a limitation of Vaadin or do I need to call special methods in the TextField class or configure it somehow. I have not seen any clues in the TextField API.

Vaadin is working properly. The debugger was not showing the Chinese characters because the font used did not include them. Also have to make sure the database, where the business objects whose fields have Chinese characters are persisted, also supports Unicode.