TextField BlurHandler issue


on our application we have the following issue:

we have implemented TextFields which by clicking on them open a window where the user can select a value, which will be set to the TextField. If the TextField is used on a page, it is working fine. But if we use the same TextField inside of a Window, the value is set to the TextField but the set value is not visible on the UI. I’ve attached two videos which show the mentioned behaviour. I discovered, that the code which broke it on our application was introduced with version 8.1.1. The commit comment was “Send cursor position to server on blur even if the value has not changed (#9728)” and is the fix for #9653. I’ve downloaded the vaadin source and added some logging to the AbstractTextFieldConnector.java and rebuild it. With the rebuild vaadin sources I was able to see, that the sendValueChange() method overwrites the text-value from the state (line 139) with the value from the TextField. In our case, the value of text from the state is already set and gets overwritten by the value of the TextField, which is wrong at that moment. It looks like the BlurHandler fires before the ValueChangeHandler has finished. Unfortunately I could not reproduce the described issue in an isolated vaadin environment. Any help resolving this issue is really appreciated.

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This issue is solved for us. I can’t explain why the bugfix for #9728 made this issue but including the valo window style to our own styling solved the issue.