TextField background color

Hello, I’m new to Vaadin (and UI stuff in general).
I’d like to change a background color of a TextField to be white (on a blue layout background).
I’m not sure how to do it. The TextField has a “shaded area” even if I set “background-color” to “white”.
I’ve attached a picture of a desired and actual TextField style.

vaadin-text-field::part(input-field) {

This works, thank you!

Looks changing the background looses the validation error red background. Could you please tell me how to retain that or put a border in RED

trying to create something like this

just add :not([invalid]) to the css query to not apply the background when it’s invalid
if you want a red border, just add a border in css to the input-field that only shows if it’s in the invalid state, e.g. border: 1px solid red;

Those exclamation marks in your image are possible, but not without some advanced hackery

especially the Combobox doesn’t support a suffix component out of the box RN

see https://github.com/vaadin/flow-components/issues/4900 for a workaround there