TextChangeEvent in Table Cell

I need an event like TextChangeEvent for Cell Table.

but it is not what I’m looking…in particular i need fired event pasting content from clip board.

I found this:
addListener(new CellChangeListener() {

		public void CellValueChange(CellChangeEvent event) {

Thank in advance


Could you explain in a bit more detail what you want. What would a cell change listener do? The user can’t “change cell content” as such, just the content of a component in a cell.

If you have TextField components in a Table, you can use the regular text change events with them. You need to add the TextChangeListener where you create the TextFields, such as in a TableFieldFactory.

If you use text change events, there’s no special way to detect whether certain text input is from paste. Well, you could interpret that if the text change is an unnaturally big addition of text, it’s probably from paste.

Hi Marko thanks for reply.

I am using a DynamicFilterTable with editable column (with @ColumnProps annotations).

so I can use directly the TextChangeEvent in DynamicFilterTable ???

You have to get the reference to the TextField and add the listener directly to it. I haven’t used DynamicFilterTable but I’d guess it uses the same table field factory, so you can override that and add the listener there.

hi jens. thank you !!
I try and I’ll let you know
see you soon

ok resolved using a simple table.
Thank you