Textbox with suggest box


Is there any UI component like SuggestBox of GWT?

I don’t think there is one in vanilla Vaadin already which is directly like suggestbox but i can think of several workarounds for this:

  • Fake it using a TextField and a PopupView
  • Use a Combobox instead
  • Integrate the GWT SuggestBox yourself using the tutorials on
    this site
    . Especially
    this article
  • Extend the TextField on the client-side to add client-side suggestions (might not work in the way the current Extensions work)
  • Look through the Add-Ons in the Vaadin Directory. Maybe some already made something similar.

I never really tested any of these for this special case but all of them should be possible.

I’m not familar with SuggestBox but from its name I’m guessing that ‘TokenField’ in the vaadin directly might be useful.

Any plans for including a SuggestBox implementation in Vaadin core? I’d rather not depend on a third party add-on or maintain a separate project for such a basic UI component.