TextArea .setRows(0) causes JavaScriptException: (IndexSizeError) with Fire

I was creating simple ui to input data when I encoutered strange error with FireFox 49.0.1
Every thing works fine with Chrome.

Code sniplet:
TextArea txtAreaDescription;

I have TextArea to input data, but when I set rows to Zero. Then I get following error:

Fri Oct 14 13:11:15 GMT+300 2016 com.vaadin.client.ApplicationConfiguration
SEVERE: (IndexSizeError) : Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amountcom.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (IndexSizeError) : Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount
at Unknown.Y1b(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.sld(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.rld(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.tld(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.HUc(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.Rkd(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.Skd(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.qod(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.b8(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.I9(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.onreadystatechange<(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.Et(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.Ht(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.Gt/<(http://localhost:8080/ERP_V7/)
at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown)

Is this bug in Vaadin Framework or in FireFox?


I would say that it’s ok to call it a Vaadin Framework bug, even though it may ultimately be a FireFox bug manifesting itself - the framework should work around that. Can you report it at


I created
for this bug.